14k vs 18k gold / Which gold is better?

14k vs 18k gold

Which one is better 14k or 18k?

When buying an engagement ring you will come up with the question, Should I get a 14k or 18k gold? Which one is better or more durable? Why is 18k more expensive? Is there any difference in look?

If you have come across that dilemma this brief blow will help you answer more of your questions.

Gold after being refined in it’s pure form is 24k equivalent to 99.9% pure.

The problem with pure gold is that is very soft and not ideal for jewelry because it would bent easily. In order to make it harder and more resistant jeweler mix it (alloy it) with other metals. In the case of white gold, it is alloy with Nickel, rose gold with coper.

 So we know that 24k gold is 99.9% pure gold,


 what is 18k gold and 14k gold


18k gold is 75% gold and 25% other metals such as zinc, silver, nickel or copper.

14k gold is 58% gold and 42% other metals such as zinc, silver, nickel or copper.

Now that we know the percentages of 14k and 18k gold let’s talk about their durability and appearance.

 Both type of gold are good for jewelry and very resistant, but 14k because it has a larger % of other metals will be stronger to resist Knicks and dents and bending than 18k.

 In terms of appearance, which gold has more color

18k gold is a little more yellow than 14k gold in the case of Rose gold or yellow gold, the yellow hue will be stronger than 14k gold because the higher percentage of pure gold.

White gold will look  the same in 18k and 14k. After casting and polishing a plating process called Rhodium is applied to white gold to make it completely white.

The process of Rhodium last a year or two depending the use before it start wearing out so 18kt yellowish tone will start being noticed faster than 14k. gold.


Which gold is more expensive 14k gold or 18k gold

Due to the higher percentage in gold 18k will be more expensive than 14k gold. Each store varies in pricing. In my store I produce all my rings in 14k but you can buy an upgrade to 18k for $75. Each store is different and upgrades in other stores will vary.


There is also 10k gold which is used in lower quality jewelry

10K gold contains 41.7% pure gold and 58.3% other metals such as other metals such as zinc, silver, nickel or copper. For the purpose of this blog we will only cover the most common metal for high end jewelry.----------



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