If you really want a unique engagement ring, then a colored center gemstone might be just what you're looking for. You will undoubtedly be fascinated by the incredible beauty, exclusivity and expressiveness of colored stones that will emphasize your individuality.

Demand for diamond engagement rings is still high, but colored stones have a number of advantages that a diamond cannot.

  • A colored gem has its own unique pattern, which makes it unique, and the color and shade give the ring expressiveness and distinguish its owner.
  • You can surround your colored center stone with loose diamonds and create your own unique composition.
  • By purchasing a ring with a colored stone, you get a precious stone that is not inferior to a diamond in terms of characteristics, nobility and value, but its price is more acceptable.

We at OSCARGAMA JEWELRY DESIGN STUDIO have been crafting engagement ring for over 15 years and we can confidently say that the demand for engagement rings with a colored center stone is only increasing. The leaders among the colored stones for engagement rings are EMERALD, RUBY AND SAPPHIRE.

The beauty, variety and high quality of these stones have attracted royal families for thousands of years, and now celebrities are setting the fashion for engagement rings with colored stones. So, the collection of engagement rings of Victoria Beckham includes both luxurious diamonds and emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Penelope Cruz, Kate Middleton, Elizabeth Hurley, Jessica Simpson and many others also prefer colored stones.


So, if you want to make your loved one feel special and enjoy the company of colorful stone, then we recommend learn more about colored gemstones.



Since ancient times, the emerald has been admired by royalty. Cleopatra was so fascinated by emeralds that she organized their large-scale mining in Egypt. Until now, the emerald remains the favorite stone of many celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and many others.

Therefore, the owner of an emerald engagement ring falls into an excellent company of royalty and celebrities. Emerald also has some advantage, since green gems have a lower density, a 1-carat stone looks more massive than a 1-carat diamond.

Emerald is the most expensive variety of the beryl mineral. Its hardness is quite high 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale, however, a large number of cracks, despite its hardness, makes this stone more fragile than sapphire and ruby.

In nature, it is rarely possible to find a completely transparent specimen. And such emeralds are highly valued. Basically, in these stones there are cracks, bubbles and cloudy areas.

More than 90% of emeralds on the world market are refined to improve their clarity. To do this, the cracks are filled with cedar oil or various polymers. Oiling is considered the standard classical type of processing.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is rightly called the stone of kings. For many centuries, people in power have loved sapphire for its noble deep rich blue color and powerful energy. Jewelry with sapphire is out of fashion and timeless, it is always a welcome gift.

Napoleon Bonaparte gave his beloved Josephine Beauharnais a gold engagement ring set with a sapphire and a pear-shaped diamond. Princess Diana opted for an 18K gold engagement ring set with a gorgeous sapphire surrounded by a slew of diamonds. Now this most famous piece of jewelry in the world is worn by Kate Middleton.

The blue color is classic for sapphire, but in nature there are also fantasy color specimens: yellow, green, pink, blue and other colors. They have the same chemical formula, but differ in the content of impurities.

The most highly valued pure spectral blue color without additional shades. In its commercial classification, two main expensive colors are distinguished: "Royal Blue" and "Cornflower Blue".

Sapphires belong to the corundum family and are a mineral with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, only diamond is harder. This property is highly valued in jewelry, because such a hard stone is less prone to wear. Sapphires show pleochroism in two different colors depending on the viewing angle.



Even in ancient Rome and Greece, rubies were companions of royalty and nobility, who appreciated the true beauty of these stones.

The ring, adorned with a ruby ​​in the center and surrounded by diamonds, truly looks luxurious, and the rich red color of the stone is associated with love and vitality. All this makes a ruby ​​ring a wonderful engagement gift.

Ruby is one of the most expensive stones. It is second only to diamond in hardness. The colors of this gemstone range from bright red to dark red and even purple red. Commercially, "Pigeon Blood" may be used to denote the best bright red.

Red gem corundum has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, it is a very hard mineral and is not very prone to scratching on the surface of the facets.

The optical and qualitative properties of corundum are enhanced by refining. The most common refining method is heat treatment, more than 90% of all mined rubies are subjected to it. As a result of heating, the color may become more saturated. When heated, some inherent inclusions can also be melted, which improves the clarity of the stone. The cost of a stone that has not been upgraded can be about 2-3 times higher than that of a similar quality upgraded one.

You can get acquainted with a large number of colored gemstones in our article: COLOR STONES ENGAGEMENT RINGS - NEW TREND AMONG SHOPPERS

We work only with trusted suppliers of colored gemstones and select for our rings the best specimens. So, when purchasing rings from OSCARGAMA JEWELRY DESIGN STUDIO, you can rest assured knowing you've purchased an impeccably designed piece made from high quality materials.




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