1ct Vs 2ct Engagement ring, which one is better? 

You have heard the term “SIZE MATTERS” and we talk about diamonds. It is not an exception.The size of the diamond matters when it comes to engagement rings. If you're still not sure what would be best for your wallet, this article will help make up your mind! 

The difference between 1ct diamond ring vs 2ct diamond ring  can mean thousands of dollars of cost for your wallet. 

So why do most couples choose between these two different sizes? It all boils down to preference and budget;  some people prefer larger gemstones while others want something more subtle that blends into everyday life without drawing attention away from themselves. Others just don’t have the budget for a large stone. With so many options available today - including Lab Grown Diamond, choosing the right size could be a big dilemma. 

For purposes on this blog we will focus on the ROUND shape diamonds which are the most popular in the market for engagement rings. 

Key points to talk about between the two sizes are the following:

  • Diameter
  • Price of a 2ct vs 1ct
  • Popularity
  • Intrinsic value

The Diameter

To begin, just because you buy a 2ct diamond for your ring doesn’t mean that the visual size of your stone will be twice as large as a 1ct. They  could actually look similar depending on the cut of the diamond. Diamonds are 3 dimensional objects that carry weight in all angles. A diamond's size can mainly be judged by how it looks from the top. The diameter of a 1ct diamond is 6.5mm compared to 8.2mm of a 2ct diamond. As you can see the 2ct diamond does not have a diameter of 13mm as we would expect and it is because a carat is a weight measurement not a size measurement. The weight of a diamond is measured from all angles. A lot of the weight of a diamond goes into the depth of the stone, (the bottom part) The increase in diameter of a 2ct is only 1.7mm, the difference is 19.5mm square which will give you a 50% more face up compared to a 1ct diamond. 

2ct diamond vs 1ct diamond
2ct next to a 1ct 

The Price 

The price of a diamond can vary in so many ways depending on the color and clarity of the stone. For purposes of this blog we are going to focus on the commercial color and clarity G color SI1 clarity. 

According to BlueNile, a famous diamond retailer online, a 1ct G-SI1 diamond with excellent cut, excellent polish and symmetry would costo you $6,000, meanwhile a  2ct diamond with similar characteristics would cost you $23,000 there is a large difference of $19,000. Why is that? If a 1ct diamond cost $6000 then a 2ct should cost $12,000? The price of a diamond is not based purely in weight but mostly on rarity. ​​The market for 1ct diamonds has more availability than 2ct stones. This means that smaller gems can be sold at lower prices, even though they may lack in terms of size or clarity compared to larger gemstones with the same cut grade (flawless/SI). A FL graded diamond will typically fetch an increased price 2x what would otherwise apply if it were found alongside another stone which had only SI1 certification - due exclusively because there aren't many flawless diamonds out on this earth!

I'm certain you'll find these numbers fascinating so let me break it down some more: 1ct G-SI1 $6000 vs 1ct G-FL  $10,800.

In the past two years, Lab Grown Diamonds have been penetrating the middle class market for couples' rings to a much greater extent than ever before. People who want a 2ct diamond but don't have the budget find Lab Grown Diamonds perfect to spend less and increase the size of their stone. For example a 2ct round diamond G-SI only costs $6000 which is the price you pay for a 1ct Natural diamond. 

To know more about the difference between this two stones read my blog about Center Stones


The size of your diamonds may be important to you, but so is what they mean. For some women bigger stones represent social status and evidence that he cares while others say it's all about love with commitment for them - no matter how small the diamond! In America today an engagement ring averages around 1ct to 1.2ct  however most professionals in big cities like NYC buy 2cts. Whether you buy large or small, we should always take time out before making such big decisions because there could potentially be other considerations. 

Intrinsic value

Many people buy diamonds as an investment. I personally think that a diamond is a symbol of LOVE rather than an investment. If you buy a diamond, once it comes out of the jewelry store you lose at least a 20%. Just like vehicles, once you take the car from the dealer you will not get the same price you paid for. This means when selling your stone to someone else they are unlikely to pay the retail price paid. Diamonds like any other luxury object will only gain appreciation with time if kept for a long term. 

When you buy your diamond, don’t see it as something that will triple in price so you can sell it later but more as an investment that will stay in your family for generations. 

So, should you get a 1ct or 2ct diamond for your engagement ring? I’m not going to give anyone advice on what they should do. But as an industry professional with over 10 years of experience in this field, I can say that both sizes are perfect and will show how much love there is! The person who gets the ring knows which size she deserves because every piece tells its own story about Love, passion, wealth or prestige. If you are looking for a 1ct 2ct at affordable prices see my collection Diamond Engagement Rings with Lab Grown Diamond center stones 



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