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To preserve the attractive appearance of your diamond ring for a long time, you should follow simple rules - wear carefully, periodically clean and store properly.

Under the influence of human body heat, fat, moisture, care and decorative cosmetics, precious stones begin to attract particles of dust and dirt, as a result, the stone fades, dust clogs up under the fastening, and the metal loses its shine.

If you wear diamond jewelry all the time, then it's important to keep it clean and shiny. You should take off your rings before going into a bath or pool so that they don't get wet and claim them as soon as possible after getting out of either one since sweat can damage precious metals over time if left unchecked.

If there is any dirt on her finger when she gets home from being active outdoors Hello! She has just spent hours outside playing soccer in 90°.

Gold jewelry with diamonds and precious stones can be very beautiful, but it does need some care. You'll want to consider the type of gemstones on them as well as which surface, they have (matte or glossy). The color metal might also affect how much upkeep is needed- golds often require more than others due their higher durability rating compared to other options like silver or platinum; however, there are some exceptions where blackened alloys may require less attention because those types don't get covered in dirt easily!

 IMPORTANT! You should not experiment with cleaning your jewelry without doing research, because ignorance of many nuances can ruin the jewelry, the restoration of which will require additional financial costs.


  • Be careful with abrasive substances - salt, baking coda, toothpaste, sand. A diamond cannot be harmed by this, but gold and other stones can be scratched.
  • Do not clean with acid and alkaline compounds that you find in your home. You should not use cleaning products if you are unsure of the effect they will have on your jewelry.
  • Do not leave jewelry with stones in water or aqueous solution for several hours - after such a procedure, the stone will fade and change its shade.
  • A special feature of white gold is that it is rhodium-plated. Therefore, it needs a very gentle cleaning.
 IMPORTANT! If the white metal began to give off yellowness, this indicates that the rhodium layer has been wearing out. In this case, cleaning will not save the situation. The only recourse is to reapply the rhodium solution.


 IMPORTANT! Before you start cleaning a diamond ring, carefully check the condition of the stones in the setting. If they move, then the ring must be taken to the jeweler, who will fix the stones and other problems.

Method 1. Soap solution

With a little soap and water, you can quickly restore your diamond engagement ring at home. The easiest way is to shine it up so that all those tiny facets are sparkling again! This solution works well with products made of low HP – warm water and a soft brush required in order achieve such results.

diamond ring in a jar with soap being cleaned
  • In a container of warm water (200 ml), dilute one teaspoon of low pH soap or shampoo
  • Mix the solution thoroughly
  • Soak the jewelry in the solution for 20 - 40 minutes
  • Wipe gently with a tissue or a very soft brush
  • Leave in the solution for a few more minutes
  • Rinse the ring under running water. Be careful to have the drain plugged
  • Put your ring on cotton or linen cloth for safety fully dry
  • Polish the ring special tissue napkins


Method 2. Ammonium hydroxide solution

Ammonium hydroxide is a great way to rid your diamond of any surface oil, but it's not the only option. Ammonia has an unpleasant odor that some people find unappealing or even harmful in small doses so you'll want to use this, if possible, on allergy sufferers. It goes without saying—the more dirt under there (aka strong ground), then ammonium will help!

diamond engagement ring being cleaned with a small brush
  • In a container of warm water (200 ml), dilute 1 teaspoon of ammonium hydroxide and 1 teaspoon of low pH soap or shampoo
  • Mix the solution thoroughly. Use protective gloves
  • Soak the jewelry in the solution for a maximum of 30 minutes
  • Wipe gently with a tissue or a very soft brush
  • Leave in the solution for a few more minutes
  • Rinse the ring under running water. Be careful to have the drain plugged
  • Put your ring on cotton or linen cloth for safety fully dry
  • Polish the ring special tissue napkins

     diamond engagement ring being cleaned wit

    Method 3. Ethyl alcohol solution or vodka

    Alcohol solution is a versatile product that gives the stone shine and color saturation, disinfects it as well. It also removes dirt!

    • Pour ethyl alcohol or vodka into a container
    • Soak the jewelry in the alcohol solution for 2 - 5 minutes
    • Wipe gently with a tissue or a very soft brush
    • Rinse the jewelry in this solution
    • Put your ring on cotton or linen cloth and let it air fully dry
    • Polish the ring special tissue napkins

    Method 4. Special liquid

    Cleaning with special jewelry cleaning products available from jewelry stores and jewelry repair shops. Be careful with the special jewelry cleaning products on your precious metals. Make sure you choose a product that is designed for metal and read all instructions before use!

    Brilliant 8 Oz Jewelry Cleaner with Cleaning Basket and Brush  SAFE NON AMMONIATED
    blue bottle of jewelry cleaner
    • Cleans almost all types of jewelery
    • Includes a basket for easily removing pieces left in solution
    • Includes a small bristle brush for extra cleaning
    • This solution is non-toxic
    • As all types of jewelry cleaners, this should not be used on pearls




    It's a bit tricky to tell how often you should clean your ring. If the diamond gets dirty and doesn't want to sparkle anymore, it might be time for some maintenance!

    A quick rule-of-thumb: rings that are worn every day typically need cleaning once per month; less frequently used items like necklaces can go up as infrequently as three months without needing attention - but this will depend largely on what materials they're made out of (some kinds wear quicker than others).

    It is recommended that you have your diamonds cleaned by a jeweler once or twice a year. They use specialized equipment to clean diamond jewelry. And at the same time, the jeweler will check the fastening of the stones and, in case of loosening, will strengthen them.


    diamond engagement ring on a pink box
    • Diamond jewelry at home should be removed. When doing household chores, they can suffer from mechanical shock and exposure to chemicals.
    • Do not expose stones and gold to chemicals or highly abrasive products.
    • Do not wear jewelry to the sauna, gym, or beach. It is here that they are most exposed to the aggressive influence of external factors - temperature, humidity and sweat.
    • Constant wear weakens the fastening of stones in rings, earrings and pendants. In order not to lose stones, take them to a jeweler for prophylaxis once or twice a year.
    • Properly clean your jewelry at home, as well as have it professionally cleaned by a jeweler.
    • Store diamonds properly. Stones can get scuffed if piled in one pile. Therefore, they should be stored in a special box, lined with a soft cloth inside.
    • Avoid contact of jewelry with cosmetics, perfumes. These products may contain ingredients hazardous to jewelry.

    Keeping your diamond engagement ring sparkling clean is not always easy. At Oscargama Jewelry will help you take care of your diamonds with our cleaning solution suggestions. We'll make sure that the sparkle of your diamond engagement ring last for years to come!



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